WCS conducts marine research in New York waters and recently identified a nursery area for sand tiger sharks in Long Island’s Great South Bay. Such nurseries are integral to shark protection and conservation. 

We also partner with OCEARCH to tag young white sharks on the Atlantic coast: WCS's Aquatic Health Veterinarian Dr. Harley Newton joins the OCEARCH team to conduct health examinations of Atlantic great white sharks and collects blood samples with an onboard laboratory that assesses any shark health and physiological changes associated with the procedures. By monitoring the movement and behavior of these sharks, researchers hope to show a theory that this swath of the Long Island coastline serves as a great white breeding ground. Sharks play a vital role in the food chain of our oceans but many species are vulnerable to exploitation. If the team can demonstrate that the New York Bight is indeed a great white nursery, it would be the first proven site in the North Atlantic.

Listen to an interview on NPR with Dr Newton, describing a project that seeks to catch and tag juvenile white sharks, in order to gain a broader understanding of these fish's ecology and behavior:

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Banner image of Dr Newton sampling shark photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher, WCS

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