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Program Manager, WCS Health Program

Location: New York, USA

Job Summary:  The health program is seeking a motivated, full-time program manager who can support a global team of experts across different time zones through complex, time-sensitive processes and tasks. The ideal candidate is one who will take initiative and be self-directed; proactively solve problems efficiently and independently; and work both independently and in a team environment.

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Wildlife Health Data Scientist & Manager, WCS Health Program

Location: New York, USA/ Bozeman, Montana

Job Summary: WCS has recently incorporated the Wildlife Health Intelligence Platform (WHIP; developed by the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative ‐ CWHC) to record wildlife health data and is in the process of updating the existing SMART platform (https://smartconservationtools.org/) to include elements relevant to wildlife disease surveillance (SMART Health). In addition, efforts are on‐going to integrate wildlife morbidity and mortality reporting into the SMART system already in use by rangers in the protected areas they patrol in wildlife habitat around the world. Additional efforts are needed to integrate these different components into a functional stream of wildlife health intelligence. Although these systems are piloted as part of the DTRA Greater Mekong Wildlife Biosurveillance project, they also represent longer term strategic objectives for WCS Health Program, and for wildlife health globally. The adoption of this system for the Wildlife Bio‐surveillance project will be critical for 1) the management of data collected by the three national surveillance systems 2) capacity building in health data management using best practices.

The Wildlife Health Data Scientist & Manager is integral to the success of the WCS‐WHIP database, SMART Health and their integration. 50% of this position involves a leading role in future development of the WHIP and SMART Health platform in Southeast Asia and eventual rollout in other regions of the world where WCS works. The other 50% of this position will focus on data analysis in the support of peer‐reviewed scientific research broadly related to wildlife disease surveillance and zoonotic disease threats. The ideal candidate will be able to function effectively with limited oversight and moderate on‐site training. He or she should understand the importance of database integrity in terms of both efficiency and security. The Wildlife Health Data Scientist & Manager will be part of the Health Team and as such will be involved in other projects as needed. The Manager reports directly to the Associate Director‐Epidemiology of the Health Program in coordination with the Associate Director‐Asia in support of the DTRA Greater Mekong Wildlife Biosurveillance project and will work very closely with the SMART team at WCS. The position is based at the headquarters of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in New York.

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Program Overview: 

The WCS Health Program is central to delivering on our mission to save wildlife and wild places around the globe. Wildlife, livestock, and human diseases will likely have a significant impact on the future development of sustainable land uses, protected areas, transboundary natural resource management, other biodiversity conservation approaches, and livelihood opportunities in many of the landscapes and seascapes where we work. Our work at the interface of wildlife, domestic animal, and human health has demonstrated that a One Health approach can build new constituencies for conservation and strengthen existing ones, while mitigating a key threat to conservation.

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