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Associate Director, Health Program

Location: Bronx Zoo, Global Conservation

POSITION OBJECTIVE:   The primary responsibilities of the Associate Director are to identify and develop new donor relationships; conceptualize new ways of collaborating across thematic programs at WCS by working closely with team members and field programs to secure funding for new and existing initiatives; support and implement a strategic plan to strengthen One Health approaches within WCS internally; to establish our One Health programmatic and scientific expertise with potential external partners; and support overall health program management. The Associate Director will build out a structure for effectively growing the health program, including guiding fundraising activities, in close collaboration with WCS’ public and private fundraising teams. He/She will assist in writing grants and helping to translate complex scientific ideas through brief, simple language for a general audience. He/She will also be responsible for additional financial responsibilities, including supporting business plans or strategic plans for the future of the program. The Associate Director helps represent the Health Program nationally and globally, coordinates and interacts with other WCS crosscutting themes, and provides strategic guidance in the development of policy and management recommendations for the Health pillar of the WCS 2030 conservation plan.


1) Program Development: Supports the strategic development and growth of the Health program. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying and developing new donor relationships, and conceptualizing new ways of collaborating across thematic programs at WCS. Associated responsibilities include, but are not limited to, development of strategic planning documents, co-developing funding proposals, proposal writing, and outreach to potential partners, business plan development, and travel to consult with field staff. The Associate Director oversees quality control for proposals and reports (internal and external).

2) Program Implementation: Support the operationalization of One Health central to the WCS 2030 plan, in close collaboration with thematic and country programs across the institution, partner organizations, agencies, and governments. Associated responsibilities include: developing and maintaining solid interpersonal relationships within WCS Regional and Country Programs; identification of internal capacity building needs.

3) Science: Support the development, implementation and communication of the Health Program science, including prioritization of research objectives that describe and highlight the links between health, biodiversity, intact ecosystems, socio-economics, culture, equity, and incorporates diverse ways of knowing, including Indigenous Knowledge Systems, along with traditional scientific approaches.

4) Communications: Develop strategic communication materials and assist with writing project-level materials that translate complex scientific concepts and findings into clear, impactful language for a broader audience, including the public, donors, agencies, and others partners to highlight the work of the WCS Health Program and our One Health leadership at the interface between wildlife, ecosystems, and humans.

5) Administration: Support the operations and administration of the program as needed, including proposal development, grants/contracts/donor management, subaward/subcontract management, MOU development, and information management.

6) Other duties as assigned.

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Veterinary Technician

Location: Bronx Zoo, Wildlife Health Center

POSITION OBJECTIVE:    Assist veterinarians in providing healthcare to animals in the WCS collections and to assist in training professionals, students and volunteers, as part of the health care team.


1.    Perform treatments on and monitor hospitalized animals. This includes preparation and administration of daily medications, record keeping, as well as set up, maintenance, and ability to troubleshoot intravenous catheters, fluids, and constant rate infusions. It also includes feeding and cleaning enclosures of hospitalized animals when necessary.

2.    Prepare for, assist during, and clean up after any anesthetic procedures (including surgical procedures) on collection animals and occasional wildlife animals in the hospital and on zoo grounds. This includes providing anesthetic induction, intubation, monitoring, and recovery of animals as part of the routine medical management of the WCS collection.

3.    Operate digital based radiology system, including portable and stationary equipment. Have ability to position animals for radiographs; ability to accurately configure, label, and archive radiographs. Operate Dental Radiography system.

4.    Assist with maintenance of inventory of hospital medicines and supplies. Oversee re-stocking of medications and supplies in all clinical areas of the health center. Assist with record keeping of controlled substances.
May 2021
5.    Maintenance of Preventative Medicine Program via coordination of dispensing monthly preventative medications and administration of yearly vaccines to collection animals within guidelines provided by Veterinarians.

6.    Perform clinical pathology testing including, manual and automated Complete Blood Count, urinalysis, fecal exams, cytology, point of care biochemical tests, STAT biochemical tests, water coliform testing, and other lab diagnostics as required in a zoo laboratory setting.

7.    Oversee maintenance of hospital equipment.
8.    Assist in training the hospital volunteers.
9.    Assist in training new employees as required.
10.    Perform related tasks and duties as required.

11.    Contribute to and uphold the Society's policies toward Equal Employment Opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped and other designated groups.

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